Visual Portfolio

Focus: Communication that leads to Connection via User Response.

Outcome: Happy Clients and Successful Businesses.

Project samples (additional links and background at the bottom of this section):

Most of what I've worked on since 2018 has been NDA until those projects become public-facing. When I first started working at ThermoFisher Scientific, I designed and developed the company-wide UX style guide to enable brand and vision consistency standards for this multi-billion dollar company (example available upon request). Later, I designed a more streamlined and efficient global look and interface, helping to take the ThermoFisher Scientific site from a fixed to a responsive site, redesigning the header, mega nav and submenu dropdowns, as well as the footer, to enable customers to view more product options upfront and find those options faster. Prior to leaving the company, I designed the (TaqMan Assay Tool) for finding and purchasing millions of Assays, as well as the tool's integration into the site-wide header, exponentially improving the older tool and overall user experience.

Additional and most recent NDA work at Best Buy Health includes the complete redesign of their flagship product, the Jitterbug Flip (Gen 7 and the upcoming Gen 8 (in progress)), UX contributions to the Jitterbug Smart (Gen 6), initial product considerations and user flows for the Lively mobile PERS device (Gen 4 and Gen 5 for 2023), the updated commerce and device activation consumer flows for (, the initial updates to Link app for caregivers (Link 2.0) and the Lively app for seniors, and the Lively app integration on the Apple Watch. I also designed the single-screen solution for the Care Center agents.

Writing Portfolio

Focus: Wordsmith capturing and engaging the reader to elicit a desired feeling or action.
Outcome: Loyal readership, increase in new customers and/or higher search rankings.

Professional & Creative

Sample bylines may appear for Gabrielle Hewson, pseudonym: C. N. Holland, or have no byline for anonymous/ghostwriter samples.

My professional writing life began with my love of public relations, so I cut my teeth on press releases, marketing brochures, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, image development, media packages, website copy, presentation scripting, ad copy, and speech writing.

There really isn’t anything I haven’t written. I do what I love, and I love to write and share information in concise and engaging ways.

I have provided promotional writing services for a variety of companies including Fruition Entertainment, Raven Recordings, EarthSea Records, Wind Records, The Relaxation Company, Chataugua Auditorium, Lumina Productions, Kaiser Advertising, Pax World, Inc., Meadows Art Studio, Tussey & Associates, the Boulder County Film Commission, the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau, Funny Farm Productions, and Tideland Productions, since 1993.

I am a successfully published local and national writer. My work has appeared in CMJ, Billboard, Elle, RollingStone, Pulse!, George, Ms. Fitness, Mothering, Self, MacWorld, Peak Computing, Mondo 2000, Dance Connection, Psychology Today, Men’s Health, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Daily Camera, RhythmMusic, Modern Drummer, Aquarius Magazine, World Trade Magazine, Alternative Music Press, Spectator, The New Times, JAM Music, Arizona Networking News, The Music Paper, Baltimore Resources, the SC Herald-Journal, Living Fit, Maui Scene, Chiropractic Economics, Grand Rapids Parent, Pro Sound News, the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, The Tennessean, Audio-Gliphix, Retina, Dance Magazine, and many other consumer and trade publications.


The writing samples provided here are a small glimpse of my professional and published writing: Samples of Promotional Writing In addition to the samples provided, I also occassionally do a creative piece on Medium

On Spec

Much of what I’ve written for employers and clients is proprietary and includes internal documentation of a legal, business planning, organizational behavior, or educational nature, as well as RFPs, Product Overview Documentation for project kick-offs, grant writing, written presentations, and scripts.

Any public-facing works that appear on device interfaces, in apps, or on websites will not include a byline and may or may not be available online.

Consider spec work if you do not see a sample on this site of what you're looking for. Should you wish to provide a spec project for me to take a pass at, please contact me directly via changeyouradventure at gmail dot com or via LinkedIn.

Gallop Strengths:
Strategic, Maximizer, Futuristic, Ideation, and Achiever.

Design Experience

It all started with a desire to learn something new and blossomed into a passion for making great designs come to life and accessible to the masses.

  • Best Buy Health
    Longmont, Colorado
  • Lead User Experience Designer
  • Primary: eCommerce, customer portal, devices (flip & smart phones, PERS), data & research library
  • 4/2018 - 8/2023

  • Freelance
    Longmont, Colorado
  • Writer and Designer
  • 1/1990 - Present

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
    San Diego, CA
  • Creative Lead & Sr. User Experience Designer
  • Primary: design & development of responsive site-wide style guide, updating 18,000 international eCommerce site, building new corporate site, design & development of eCommerce and scientific web-based app, scientific device UIs
  • 10/2015 - 04/2018

  • Faulkner Media Group (FMG)
    San Diego, CA
  • Custom UIs, UX Design and Development
  • Primary: specialized design & development for multiple financial sites
  • 10/2015 - 04/2018

  • Award-winning Composer, Bruce Chianese
  • Creative Direction
  • Primary: Website & UI/UX Design specific to industry needs, site development and updates, branding, logo design
  • 2012-present

Working With Me

Putting it ALL out on the Table

I think "Big Picture."
Eye-catching, attaining ultimate desired outcomes, and brand strategy. I enjoy working with clients and other designers and developers to deliver the best creative with the most impact within the constraints of each project; to lead, inspire and empower, while optimizing the contribution of everyone's time.

Design Sensibilities

Creating design that is clean, simple to understand, beautiful to behold, easy to take in and effortless to utilize is at the core of my being.

Writing Process

There is always a specific emotion and a specific action needed when words are put to paper and the digital page. I listen to what you want, then wordsmith your message to evoke these outcomes. Whether this is for professional or personal reasons, I am here to help you craft your messages in an engaging and effective way. It's like solving a puzzle and it's my jam!

Collaborative Process

Understanding a business ask is one thing, but fully understanding those who will be interacting with a product — walking in end-users' shoes — is paramount to the success of a product and a business. Compassion is therefore the most important focus when designing for any end-user. Cross-functional communication and shared-expertise brainstorming to solve all aspect of the desired outcome is key, along with documenting goals, asking questions, and making decisions as a subject matter expert. We've got this; together.

Let's Connect

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. Contact me via:

Phone: 585-217-2737